Custom sensors

Didn't choose from our range of standard force sensors?

Not every application is suited to the standard range of force transducers. Do you need to adjust the sensor dimensions, range or increase its IP protection? Contact us with your requirements and we will offer you a customized solution.

Our only limit is the laws of physics

Sensor with defined self-compression

Sensor for checking the pressing force on the hydraulic press. The sensor has the shape of the component that is produced on the press, the sensor is used to adjust the parameters of the press. The sensor incorporates a system of springs which provide a defined compression of the sensor depending on the force (0.5 mm/kN). Force measurement range: 10 kN, stroke: 5 mm.

Sensor for shaft load measurement

Two sensors should be used for the measurement, each end of the shaft is clamped in the center hole of one sensor. In this way it is possible to measure e.g. the weight of the material on the shaft or the force with which the material encircles the shaft. The direction of the load is adjusted by rotating the sensors.

Measuring pin

The sensor measures the force applied at the centre of the pin, in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the pin. The sensor shown is used to measure the shifting forces on railway switches. The sensor has two full strain gauge bridges, which means that the force does not have to be applied exactly at the centre of the pin, but within a certain permissible range.

Belt tension sensor (SN-MP2)

A belt, e.g. rubber, is guided through three pulleys, the middle pulley is fixed on a strain gauge force transducer. When the belt is pulled, it acts on the middle pulley and therefore also on the force sensor. After calculation, the pulling force can thus be measured. The sensor has a mechanical overload protection.

Sensor for load measurement in two axes

The sensor can be used to measure loads in two axes, e.g. for bearing tests. It is also possible to measure shaft loads in two axes, etc.

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