Customer solutions and measuring machines

In addition to the production of sensors, our company is also dedicated to their applications and the design of measuring and testing machines and equipment. We offer our customers a complete service from design through production to transport and installation of the equipment. Of course, warranty and post-warranty service is also available.

Checkweigher EMS1168

The EMS1168 conveyor weigher is often used in the rubber industry to inspect cut rubber strips. It is designed to be built into the production line. It consists of a lower frame and a conveyor belt mounted on strain gauge force sensors. The width, length, belt speed, accuracy or output of the electronic unit can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.

In-motion Weigher EMS1167

The EMS1167 in-motion weigher has been developed for the rubber industry and is designed to be integrated into the production line. It is usually positioned behind the extruder where it is used to control the extrusion speed of the material. The scale consists of a top frame with a roller track divided into 3 sections. The outermost sections are unweighted and are used to direct the material to the weighed section. The middle section, weighted, is laid on strain gauge force sensors. The dimensions of the roller track as well as the dimensions of the individual sections can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

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