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Bonding of strain gauges and measurement of mechanical stresses

Surface mechanical tension on a structure or machine can be measured using strain gauges.
The mechanical tension is transferred to the glued strain gauge, which changes its electrical resistance by changing its dimensions. By measuring the electrical resistance, the mechanical stress on the pad can be measured. We will help you with the selection of suitable strain gauges, gluing as well as with the evaluation of the results.

strain gauge

Measurement of forces on machines using reference sensors

Do you need to measure or verify the power on your machine once? We offer you the rental of calibrated force sensors, the production of accessories for measuring sensors as well as a measuring unit for evaluating the results. Our know-how and possible assistance during measurement is a matter of course.

Integrating force sensors into machines and structures

Do you need to measure the force in your existing machine or are you working on developing a new one? We can help you choose the type and range of sensor as well as locate the most suitable measuring spot. If a sensor from our standard range does not suit you, we will make you a customized one together with accessories for mounting and installation.

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