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EMSYST | About Our Company

Our company based in Slovakia was found in 1995 with the idea of supplying the market with quality products with a high added value. The company's founder worked with measuring technology for years as a developer and researcher. His experience was the basic know-how of the company. The result was original testing machines specially built for the meeds of customers. A team of technicians able to solve problems in the field of control technology, measurements, mechanical and electrotechnical constructions was created.
Shortly after founding the company, with existing know-how in the field of measurement and after market analysis, we decided to create our very own line of strain gauge force sensors. The tech community and customers appreciated their high quality and reasonable price, professional technical support, short delivery time and the possibility of custom special solutions. Our force sensors can be used in a wide range of industries, from testing machines, measurements of silos, to laboratories and testing facilities. They are exported to many countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Our products are characterized by high technical quality, which is reflected in several awards. However, the biggest and the most important award of all is the growing interest of customers and their satisfaction.