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The strain gauge force sensor is a device that converts a mechanical force into an output voltage. It consists of a mechanical part (steel or aluminium body) and an electrical part (strain gauge). Our company has developed a standard series of sensors that is suitable for the most common application in the field of force measurement and weighting.

The main parameter of the force sensor is its range. It is the maximum allowable force that cannot be exceeded. If the range is exceeded for only a short time, irreversible changes occur inside the body material and the sensor is permanently damaged. Keep this in mind when selecting a sensor and designing its mounting.

How to select the sensor range?

There are special application that can not be covered by our standard series of sensors. This may be due to the atypical shape of the sensor, too small or too great measured force, or an aggressive environment such as high or low temperature or humidity. For these applications, we can develop and manufacture special sensor. Examine the examples in custom made sensors section.

Do not forget the signal conditioner

The output voltage of the sensor without a built-in signal conditioner is in the millivolt range. It depends on the sensitivity and excitation of the sensor. The reason is the very principle of operation of the strain gauge force sensor.

How does strain gauge force sensor work?

Such a low output voltage is difficult to measure and is prone to interference. For this reason, the sensor is connected to a signal conditioner, with which it then forms a measuring chain. It amplifies, converts, the sensor output to an industry standard (0 ... 10 V, 4 ... 20 mA) and also supplies the sensor. You can see our offer of signal conditioners in the section electronic units and signal conditioners. All force sensors of our production are compatible with signal conditioners from other manufacturers and vice versa. We offer also sensors with built-in signal conditioners, the output of which no longer needs to be modified in any way and can be directly connected to a PLC, measuring card or other system. We can adjust the voltage or current output (shift zero, negate) to fit your requirements.